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Oral Hygiene

Mary Waititu is our hygienist who has a breadth of experience treating some of the most demanding customers in the heart of the West End. She uses some of the most modern equipment to deliver the highest quality of service. Having moved to Childs Hill Mary has now joined our team in 2007 and sees clients till 7.00pm so that hard working clients don’t need to take time off work.

To see Mary, it is a requirement for you to see one of our dentists so that we can instruct Mary exactly what treatment will suit you the most. Mary will explain all the methods that can improve your oral health including the use of specific aids such as electronic toothbrushes, floss and mouthrinses. All these items will be customised for each individual so that you can get the best effect with the least of inconvenience.

Misconception has meant that most people consider hygiene as the only type of gum disease treatment. There are many methods of improving and eliminating gum disease (otherwise known as periodontal disease). Such methods include:

  • Routine hygiene treatment
  • Subgingival debridement
  • Air powered Prophylaxis (Prophyflex)
  • Use of topical medication to reduce bacterial inhabitation (PerioChip)
  • Improvement of oral hygiene
  • Long term maintenance