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I was forced to sign a form as a new private patient where in fact I was already registered with the practice under a NHS patient, having received treatment in the past. When I booked my appointment they asked me to pay a non-refundable deposit of £30 that would be offset from taking Xrays etc.. I was shocked as never in 40 years had I been asked to pay money in advance for booking an appointment at the dentist under the NHS. I was seen by Dr Shahab Mirjafari who told me that I was to be treated privately, and not NHS. I told him I was never told by the receptionist that I would be seen as a private patient. He did state that he was still seeing patients under the NHS but in my case I was qualified as a new patient and therefore private. WHY???? I am not going to give all the details of the consultation (for example they still had all my files, and Xrays which he showed me so I was NOT a new patient), but I left furious, cheated, and found this man very greedy. I filed an official complaint to NHS England (england.contactus@nhs.net) asking to be refunded my £30 deposit. I am awaiting their reply. The official NHS website states clearly that : Your dentist must make clear which treatments can be provided on the NHS and which can only be provided on a private basis, and the costs associated for each. This was not done by Mr Mirjafari. This man is false and greedy. I definitely would not recommend this practice to anyone.

Marianne Simonin Avatar Marianne Simonin
September 3, 2020

I have only recently joined this dentist at the end of last year when my friend recommended me because my old dentist closed down After having the same dentist previously since I was a child, moving dentist was quite a worry considering I've always felt a bit nervous for dentist appointments but after seeing Dr Shahab (& the lovely dental nurse), my worry of going to the dentist has gone, which I never thought would happen! All the staff members there are really friendly, kind and helpful, I would highly recommend!! 🙂

Sinead Aherne Avatar Sinead Aherne
March 4, 2021

September 19th. 2020, I had two implant posts inserted. Felt very little pain. Before having the injections-Dr. Shahab gave me some paracetamol tablets to take. The whole procedure went seamlessly. Once at home, I regularly used Corsodyl mouth wash and warm salty water to rinse the gums. Absolutely no pain-and I would highly recommend this dentist. I didn't need to take any pain killers!! I have been his patient for a number of years. Extremely satisfied.

chris gryce Avatar chris gryce
September 22, 2020

Highly recommended, excellent Dental Practice! Never had any regrets on choosing them. Doctor Shahab and his team were very professional, informative and also gentle on their approached as they put me at ease for my treatments.

Emily Co Avatar Emily Co
January 4, 2020

Great level of care and attention. After being particularly scared about going to the dentist in case of injections, I experienced absolutely no pain and found the whole experience very comfortable. I would highly recommend.

Shadi Fatemi Avatar Shadi Fatemi
December 6, 2018

My friend has recommended this practice to me after I have told her that I have fear of dentists. She told me to go see Dr Mirjafari who is very professional, friendly and caring. He managed to explain everything in very easy way, has given me options about my treatment and I was very happy after I left the surgery. My recommendations to anyone who is anxious or has had bad experience in the past. He will restore your faith in dentists!

Monika M Avatar Monika M
May 31, 2019